Freedom From Religion Foundation  (who says that they are the largest association of atheists and agnostics in the nation) is going after Dabo’s Clemson program for being ‘too religious’ Immediately after reading criticism of Dabo Swinney and the Clemson football program for being too religious, my mind immediately went to every … Continue reading

In a Good Christian way


My friend Mark cracks me up when he says ” I’d like to punch that guy right in the mouth, you know, in a good Christian way of course.” Evangelical Christian boxing champion Manny Pacquiao said Thursday before beating Timothy Bradley in his second fight, on Saturday that his Christian faith is not “getting … Continue reading

Masters Weekend


That’s right, it’s Masters Weekend! For all you golfers out there you know what I’m talking about The Masters is golf’s Holy Grail. Go get that coveted Green Jacket. Talk about Never Flinch, those guys are out there, standing alone, hovering over their next shot, exposed in public, a massive … Continue reading